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Wed, Nov. 30th, 2005, 10:44 am
forbidmourning: Help a Friend In Need!!!

(For a Deployed Marine in IRAQ)

I come to you begging your help on a mission of utmost importance. One of our good friends boyfriend is stuck in Iraq over Christmas and she wants to do something nice for him because he has been through some real horrific experiences in the last weeks and needs something to cheer him up. She wants to send him the ultimate coolest christmas gift that will not take up any space that he does not have, and make him the envy of his platoon.

What she's decided to do is make her own Girls Gone Wild XXXmas Extravaganza video.

THE PLAN: to get as many girls as possible to show their boobs (or butt, or whatever), but they must have words either painted or drawn on, or hold a sign that says his name. She's trying to get as many pictures OR videos as possible saying something like "Merry Xmas Brian" or some variation that has his name included. Then she'll make a compilation of them into a DVD movie and set it into the middle of a frame that is made out to look like a big Christmas card.

Being creative is a definite plus. i.e. - candlewax or christmas body paint designs, hanging christmas ornaments off pierced nipples. However, nipples are not a requirement - girls can wear pasties or a sheer or skimpy bra if preferred. Or write the greeting across the ass. And it does NOT matter what you look like - there are no set requirements - fat, thin, big, small, whatever.

DEADLINE: it must be done in the next week really, otherwise with mailing time to Iraq, he'll never get it in time.

For pictures, obviously JPEG or TIFF, highest resolution possible (or just up to 5mb so it can be sent via email)
For video: AVI or DV files. And you can use your webcam! 320X240 is fine.

Disclaimer: Though she does NOT plan on making this available to public and just wants to send him a DVD, of course you never know where these things could end up if lost or taken. So if anyone wants to keep their face out of it or disguised, that is no problem.

Please, please help her (and her courageous Marine) out!

You can post your photos in the comments of this thread (screened of course, so nobody can steal them).

Thanks soooooo much! From us, our friend, and her boy.

Being a Marine who was in Fallujah this time last year I know this will really cheer him up and make his time there more enjoyable. And if you decide to help us out, maybe, just maybe (hint hint) we might hook you up with some pics of our own! (wink wink)

Remember the photos are needed by the end of next week and all comments will be screened. Otherwise you can email to us via:


and his name again is Brian

Thank you all in advance!

Edit If you work at a restaurant or store where you have to wear a particular uniform; I.E. Best Buy or Circuit City, take a pic in the store, in uniform. Or at least in uniform!